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Happy Halloween! (Princeton Imagine)

“AHHHH!” You let out a high pitched scream as you wrapped your arms around Princeton’s torso and buried your head in his chest. “Turn if off! Turn it off!” You muffled.

Princeton ran his smooth fingers through your hair, snickering. “Babe, calm down. It’s just a movie.” After deciding to stay home and have a movie night, Princeton suggested watching Insidious, since it was Halloween, of course. 

“Princeton, you know how much I hate scary movies!” You snuck a quick peak at the TV once more, but shrieked when a demonic face appeared on the screen. You punched Prince in the chest, “Turn it off!” You begged in a whiny voice. 

“Fine.” Princeton grumbled as he turned off the television. “It’s not even that scary.” He added, rolling his eyes.

You were about to reply with a witty response when the doorbell rang. You flinched for a moment, still a bit paranoid from the movie. 

“Chill, it’s just tricker treaters.” Princeton said, his voice dripping with attitude. He was mad that his girlfriend made him turn off the movie when it was reaching the most interesting part. 

You scoffed at Princeton’s sudden change in behavior. He always seems to get mad at the smallest things. 

You stood up, grabbing the bowl of candy before making your way to the door. And after sprinkling candy into each of the children’s paper bags, you waved goodbye then slammed the door shut. 

You turned around to see Princeton grabbing all his belongings, “I’m leaving, bye.” He attempted to walk out the door, but you stopped him.

“Prince, don’t leave! We just watched Insidious and you think you can just leave me alone in this big ass house?” You lowered your voice, “I’m scared.” Both your parents were at work, which left you and Princeton alone in the house.

Prince thought for a moment before he gave in. “Fine,” He trudged up the wooden stairs and into your bedroom, stripping down to only his red boxers before crawling in bed. You laid next to him, but he turned so his back was facing you. 

“Prince, stop. You’re being childish.” He didn’t move a muscle. 

You continued talking although you knew he was probably ignoring you, “You’re still mad at me? I’m sorry I made you turn off the movie, but I can’t help the fact that I was scared.” No response. “I swear, you get mad for the dumbest reasons.” 

Realizing that he was not going to respond to you, you sighed and nudged him in his back. “What do I have to do to make it up to you?” He immediately turned around to face you, a seductive smirk plastered on his face. Without him even having to speak, you already knew what he wanted. 


"No…. Oh no no, no, no, no, NOPE. Anything but that!”

"Alright, I guess I’m leaving then," He said getting up and putting on his pants.

"NO! Prince, please!" You begged, grabbing onto his arm.

"Then what’s your choice?" He folded his arms tightly across his bare chest.

You looked over his upper body, the way his curls bounced as he shifted his weight from the left to his right foot, waiting on your reply. You did need a distraction from the movie and he was basically giving you one….just him in general was a distraction the way his dark brown eyes were staring at you gave you chills and made that demonic face disappear from your mind.


"Huh?" You said snapping back into reality. You blinked a few times.

"By the way you’re looking at me I see you made your choice," He smirked and got on the bed, pinning you down.

"Oh shut up, Mexico." 

He chuckled at your attempt to insult him before sliding his tongue into your mouth. You reached down unbuttoning his jeans while he got to work, unzipping your skirt. You bit his tongue on accident but he didn’t mind. He slid slide his hands in your underwear and started to play around with your clit….


Should we continue? :3

- Keke 

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4/50 pics that make me wanna lick the screen +* pterodactyl noises*

4/50 pics that make me wanna lick the screen +* pterodactyl noises*

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Who’s next?

Since the other admin is doing a Prince Imagine and I already did a Roc Royal Imagine, Which boy next? Prodigy or RayRay? Hit us up in the ask and tell us or Im gonna randomly choose! and im not posting this imagine until AFTER Keke post her imagine :D

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Birthday Sex (A Roc Royal Imagine)

"Chresssss! Come on!" You whined pulling on his arm.

"No. Worst, Birthday, Ever." Chresanto said, his words muffled from the pillow his face was planted in.

Today is Chresanto’s 17th birthday! You, Chres and the whole crew were gonna go to lazer tag then dinner at Red Lobster then Cold Stone to buy him a HUGE cake! Sounds amazing right? Thats what was supposed to happen. Your crew consisted of Chresanto, Jacob, Craig, Rayan and Melissa. Craigs mom forced Craig to go to Philly to visit his grandma. Jacobs mother got into a car crash and Melissa, his girlfriend, was supporting him at the hospital. Rayan got grounded for drinking while driving and his mom took his permit from him. So that left you and Chres. He was sooooo bummed out, he wont even get out of his bed now!

"Chres, dont mope all dayyyy!" You flipped him over and pouted with your big brown eyes.

You waited over a minute for a reply but he just looked up at you. You looked away and stood up straight.

"I like your outfit."

You looked down at your blue tanktop with a white mesh button up top over it. a pair of light blue denim shorts and your blue toms which you took off and left at the front door.

"Thanks Chres!" You smiled and he stood up as well finally taking his roaming eyes off of you and going to the bathroom. You sat on his bed and turned on his iPod, Mercy played through the speakers. You texted Craig while you waited for him to come out the shower. The door opened and you looked up to see Roc step out in a towel around his waist. The way his hair was wet and flattened, the water went down his abs to his defined V-cut, You finally realized how attractive your bestfriend is, But you never seen him as more than that.

"You like what you see?" 

You finally took your eyes off his body and looked at his face, he had a smug look on, his eyes slightly narrowed and playfulness clear in his light brown orbs. you rolled your eyes as he went to the dresser, his iPod decided to change to the next song which happened to be “Birthday Sex” by Jeremih. You covered your eyes so you wouldnt see anything as his towel dropped.

"So Roc what do you want to do for your birthday?"


"Nope, next choiceeee!" 


"Come on Roc, Its your 17th birthday! Lets do something! I’ll do anything." You pouted. It went quiet and you were confused but didnt want to uncover your eyes to see anything you didnt wanna see. You felt Rocs breath on your neck, he then moved to your ear.

"Put this on." You opened your eyes to see a maid costume in your lap.


"You said anything right? This will make me happy. Pleaseeeee? Its your size and all!"

You didnt wanna upset Chres more than he already was so you sucked it up and went into the bathroom and put it on. Your C cups were being squeezed to death but the low cut V in the top let them get air. The skirt was short and fluffed out sorta of like a tutu but longer, then you had on thigh legs stockings. you put the headband in your brown and black hair that you straightened to your shoulders. You took a deep breath and walked out. You seen Chresanto’s eyes light up.


You felt self conscious and looked away.

"Come here" He motioned with his finger to come to him. You walked over and he pulled you on his lap. 

"Maid go make me a cake" He smiled and you looked at him and giggled. You got up and walked downstairs to make him a cake. After about an hour you took out the 2 layers red velvet cake you made, frosting it up and smiling. This was the best cake Chres was EVER gonna eat! 


You got no reply.


You walked into the living room and he wasnt there. You walked upstairs and opened the door to his room and there he was sitting on the edge of his bed in boxers. He looked up at you.

"Wow you take forever." 

"Your cake is done, Come on."

"You know you are really pretty Y/N"

You felt a light blush creep in your cheeks, I mean look at him. His abs all out, you had to stop your eyes from wandering down south.

"Whats this about Chres?"

"Nothing Nothing."

You scrunched your face up in confusion. First of all why is he only in his boxers again? Why was his eyes going everywhere but to your face? Whats with the random compliments? You just didnt get it.

"Bring me up a slice of cake please maid?" He said, smirking.

"Of course sir." you mumbled and walked out. several minutes later you came back with his slice and some milk to help him down it. You sat and watched as he ate slowly, his Adams apple moving up and down as he drank all his milk. "Why is it so big" you thought as he set the glass down.

"That was delicious Y/N! I just wanna apologize for how I was acting earlier and thank you for the cake" He said smiling, "I can tell it was work." He wiped some sweat from your brow.

"Lay down" he stood up and laid you on his bed on your stomach. He started to unzip your maid costume when you touched his hand to stop him.

"What are you doing?"

"Repaying you!"

"More like raping me."

He let out a soft chuckle and you giggled in response.

"Just relax! You know I wouldnt hurt you!"

Well that was true. So you relaxed as he put one leg on each side of you and sat back on your butt, you jumped in surprise as the warm baby oil hit your shoulders and he rubbed and squeezed all over your shoulders. You sighed in content, eyes closed enjoying the feeling of his rather large hands traveling down your back. What you didnt know was that as Roc gave you a massage he was looking all over you, from your slender shoulders, your nice cocoa brown skin tone down to your back dimples. For the first time he took a good look at the girl he called bestfriends for 4 years and realized just how attractive you were. He wanted you at that moment, and he wanted you now. He licked his lip and he flipped you over and got a look at your face, your pinchable cheeks, plump lips and brown orbs he was staring into.

"Um…. Chres?…"

"Shhh." He said placing a finger over your mouth. You looked up at him staying quiet, your heart now thumping so loud that you hear it in your ears.

"I got the perfect ending to tonight. Just……. Do you trust me?"

You nodded.

"You know I wouldnt hurt you right?"

You nodded again.

He paused for a moment, “Would you let me take your virginity?”

Your eyes widened at his question. You opened your mouth to reject but it wouldnt come out. Chres has been your bestfriend for 4 years. Hes been through the heartbreaks and the family problems. He was gorgeous and any girl would drop his panties to him. So for him to personally ask you if he can take the most sacred thing from you, was a surprising thing. He was the only boy you really trusted with your v-card. You were 17…. it was around that age…….

"Sorry, I shouldnt have a-"


He froze in the middle of getting off of you.

"Wait, what?"

"Yes Chres. You can take my virginity, I trust you."

He smiled and bent down to your ear, “You wont regret it.” You felt a shiver go down your spine and he moved to your lips, giving you a soft tender kiss. You didnt know what to do other than wrap your arms around his neck as he slid his hands under your black lace bra and massaged your chest, rubbing his thumbs over your nipples in circles, You gasped, your body has never felt this type of pleasure, he took advantage and slid his tongue in roaming every nook and cranny of your mouth as your nipples stiffened. You and Chres’ tongue went to war as he pulled down your skirt, you kicked it off. He pulled back, trailing kisses from your neck down to your navel. You got goosebumps where ever he went goosebumps followed. He got you out of your stockings and skirt, you laid there chewing your lip. He hovered over you.

"You alright Y/N?"

"Y-Y-Yes." You stuttured out. Why were you stuttering? "Just nervous."

"I’ll admit this may hurt a bit. I promise to try to not make it too painful." He said inbetween kisses. He rubbed you softly through the thin fabric of your panties as his other hand unhooked your bra. You knew good and well Chres was not a virgin so he was way more experienced then you which made you nervous, You didnt wanna embarassed yourself but he was taking control so why worry? You whimper lightly as he got rougher.

"You’re so wet babe."

You couldnt muster up a response, just moaning loudly. You didnt know what you were feeling but you wanted more. He slid your panties off and tosses them to the side. He stopped for a second, comtemplating what to do with you as you shyly covered your face. He ran a finger up and down your area, you were soaking up his finger and he enjoyed every second of it.

"If you want me to stop, Tell me."

You nodded in response, breathless.

He slipped his finger in and slowly pumped. You squirmed this felt weird to have something inside you. Whimpers left your mouth.

"Shh shh baby its gets better. This is the teaser, this-," He slipped another finger in and you bit your lip hard. "-is the pleaser." He winked and still pumping his 2 fingers slow, you broke out into a sweat, breathing hard, you adjusted to his finger and let out a moan. He smirked knowing you were slowly getting ready. He used his thumb to rub your clit as he sped up.

"Ah! Ch-Chresssssantoooo!"

You moaned his name out in pleasure.

"Say that oneeee more time baby?" He closed his eyes as he sped up, rubbing your clit vigorously. You arched your back and screamed out.


The curses just flowed out your mouth though you were usually a innocent girl.

"Thats right babe" He said, nodding in approval, licking his lips sexily. He decided to not push it with 3 fingers. He once again kissed from your neck down to your navel, You stared at the ceiling, breathing hard, This pleasure was almost unbearable so new yet so good. Addicting like a drug. Chresanto gently sucked on your other set of lips and you sharply gasped, eyes rolling back, your legs twitched.

"Ah shit."

He tugged lightly, sucking soft then switching to your other lip, he licked right up the middle before diving his tongue in. You grabbed his curls and tugged on them, arching your back in pure ecstasy as he pumped his tongue slow. He has a pretty long tongue so the pleasure was definitely there. His tongue was thicker but not longer than his fingers. He sped up and you tugged harder, he puts your legs over his shoulders so he can dig even deeper into you. Exploring and getting to know your lower region.

"D-D-Damnnn! Faster babeeeeee!"

Chres followed your commands as he tongue went faster and deeper, You gripped the headboard as you tightened on his tongue almost reaching your climax he pulled his tongue out and your eyes snapped open in surprise. You looked at him to see him reaching into his drawer.

"What the fuck Chres!?"

"Chill out. Don’t cum for daddy just yet" he winked as he slipped down his pants, Roczilla sprung up to life. 

"Wait…… Do I have to….."

"Give me head?" He finished for you, you nodded and he shook his head no.

"Its your first time, let me cater to your body, I’ll be fine." He said slipping the condom on and crawling back over you putting your legs over his shoulder again, he positioned himself at your entrance and looked into your eyes.

"Are you ready?"

You took a deep breath, “Yes, Just… do it.”

He slid all of his 9 and  a half inches into you, You felt your hymen rip and you screamed out in pain, Chres rubbed your cheek lovingly to hopefully make you feel better but you felt the tears build up and fall out, he wiped them away. he stay all the way in you but completely still waiting for you to adjust.

"Oh my fucking GOSH This hurtssssss!" You said as another tear fell down your cheek.

"Shhh Shh you just need to adjust." Chres wiped it away. 

You took deep breaths and felt yourself stretching to fit Roczilla in comfortably. After a minute or 2 you grinded on Rocs hips, wanting more.

"Alright, here we go. This is gonna feel different then tongue and fingers" He said as he stroked slowly.

You breathed hard, your chest heaving as you felt him in the pit of your stomach. Most of the pain turned into pleasure,  The feeling of pain and pleasure mixed was something so new, so surreal to you. You wanted more as Chres looked into your eyes, never unlocking the gaze. You bit your lip and moaned. 

"F-F-Faster Chres pleaseeeeee!"

"Your wish is my command."

He gripped your hips and started to put in work, he was roughly pulling you down onto him but making sure not to hurt you. You saw the restrain in his eyes. He was seriously trying not to hurt you but you wanted him to have fun as well.

"Chres….. Chresanto stop."

He stopped and looked up at you.

"Whats wrong?"

"Show me….. Show me how much pleasure you can give me. No holding back."

He licked his lips and smirked deviously.

"You so shouldnt have said that." He said, that smug look never leaving his face as he flipped you onto all fours.

"You ready?"

It scared you that you couldnt see him now but you werent backing down.

"Yep!" you popped the p. You felt him slide into you softly again.

"You not ready for all that yet but this is the rough side of me, other wise known as Roc cause I roc ya world like no other" He said winking.

He then started going faster, grabbing the headboard to steady himself as he rhythmically pounded himself into you.

"F-F-Fuck! Ahh! Chres-"

"Call Me Roc right now babe."


He pounded deeper and harder, his moans loud his breathing hitting your back. He was so in the zone he didnt even notice that he broke the headboard from squeezing it way too tight the woode crumbling to dust in his strong hand, he tugged you by your hair bring you so your back was on his chest, His strokes never showing down, showing no mercy on your lower area.

"Whats my name?" He breathily whispered in your ear.

"R-R-Roccccc" You cold barely get it out from the lack of breath you had. It was hard to when every second you wanted to moan from pleasure. He smacked your ass roughly, pulling on your hair hard.

" I said, WHATS MY NAME!?" He smacked even harder, somehow going deeper. You threw your head back and screamed,


"THATS WHAT I THOUGHT! WHO OWNS THIS PUSSY!?" He flipped you onto your side and started getting it in from this side.

"Y-Y-You dooo! Its all yourssss!"

"WHO!?" He screamed louder, the sweat dripping down his face, grunting. Skin slapping, grunt and moans filled the once quiet room.

"YOURSSS!" You shrieked out.

"So tighttt" You heard him mumble under his breath as he grasped you chest and started pinching your nipples. You moaned loud as your walls clenched on Roczilla.

"I-I-Im gonna cummmmmm!" You pulled on the already weakened headboard, breaking it more. THe bed creaking and slamming into the wall with every thrust from Roc.

"Me toooooo!" He threw his head back, going even faster, digging deep making sure you were in complete ecstasy. You dug your nails deep into his back as you arching your back.

"CHRESSSSANTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" You yelled out for what seem like forever as you came. Chres slammed into you one last time before screaming out,

"Y/N!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He pulled out, taking the condom off and collapsing next to you. Both of you out of breath, he used the last of his strength to pull you in his arms.

"So how was that for a first time?"

"Amazing Chres, simply amazing. I wouldnt have wanted it any other way." You pecked his lips softly and snuggled into him. He wrapped him strong arms around you.

"I love you Y/N and I mean it as more than a bestfriend."

"And I love you too Chres, in the same way."

He smiled that breath taking smile and pecked your lips.

"Happy Birthday Chres." were the last words you said before you couldnt fight it and fell asleep. Chres chuckled,

"Best, Birthday, Ever." He closed his eyes and drifted off as well.


How was that for a first time? Loool

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Anyone ready for a Y/N imagine? its a Rated R Roc one! :D Hit up the ask if you areee! or LIKE this post!

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Insanity (A Prodigy Short Story)

Part Two: Without a Trace.

May 15th, 2012

Kalliah’s House

4:13 PM.


Man, Evelyn is bugging out really bad. I don’t know why she’s so hype today. For the past month, she’s been trying to get me to “come to my senses” and break up with Craig, but I just can’t bring myself to it. Don’t get me wrong, I love Craig with everything in me. Lord knows that I just hate it when he gets so clingy and over-protective. I’m seventeen years old for Christ’s Sake!

I think he hates Terrence, though. Like the look that just became plastered on his face when he saw Terrence walking over to our table. I definitely noticed how his whole demeanor changed when Terrence blurted out about our study date together. Gosh, I wish he would not have said that. But I just can’t get the fact as to why people are so - what’s the word? - afraid of Craig. He’s a total sweetheart that wouldn’t harm a fly.

Prodigy killed her.

The words played in my mind over and over again like a bad song. I just couldn’t get them out of my brain. I’ve heard the numerous stories and rumors about Craig’s previous girlfriends before me and how they all disappeared after a certain period of time that they were with Craig, but I just don’t believe it.

"Okay, so let’s get to it now." Terrence said and rubbed his hands together in a motion of as if he was about to devour a burger. Hmm, a burger sounds awesome right now.

"So, what subject are we going to do first, T?" I asked and pulled out my math book. It was the type of math book that had all the high school math levels in it and we basically spent the year doing it.

"Geometry." He told me and ran his hand over his low haircut. His hair kind of mimicked Chresanto’s hair, but Terrence’s hair was just better and so much more… Cuter. I found myself getting lost in Terrence’s brown eyes that had specks of green and hazel in them. I let my eyes roam down to his football under armor shirt that fit snug against his muscles. I can honestly say that Terrence is a very handsome sight for sore eyes. He can just sometimes light up a room and you’d be so much happier.

When I first arrived at Irvington High, I was just alone and afraid because Irvington carried a reputation. But Terrence came to me and we’ve been tight ever since then. “Kalliah,” I saw a pair of hands being waved in my face, “Kalliah Valentine! Snap out of it!!” Whoever it was, clapped their hands really loudly and I snapped out of my trance. I was highly confused as I looked into the face of Terrence.

"What? Huh?" I asked and wiped the thin sheen of sweat that formed on my forehead. 

"What is wrong? You’re sweating and it’s freaking freezing in here!" He said and shivered to add to his point.

I sighed loudly. “Nothing’s wrong, T. I’m just so stressed out about finals and then Craig’s been bugging me about moving in with —”

Terrence’s head snapped in my direction and he slammed his book shut. “Moving in with what?” Terrence was now going into best friend mode. He’s protective of me, but not like how Craig is. I know that past Terrence’s goofy ways and tough looking appearance, that he doesn’t want me with Craig. He’s been at Irvington since freshman year, so he’s probably seen these girls that Craig has supposedly “killed”.

"Craig has been asking me to move in with him during the summer."

"Are you going to?"


"Kalliah, you shouldn’t."

"Terrence, I don’t kn—" I was cut off when I looked past Terrence and out of my window. I saw a red car with a black racing stripe going down the middle. It looked exactly like Craig’s car, but I doubted that it was Craig. So I just turned my attention back to Terrence.

"Kalliah, don’t do it," Terrence touched my hand, "Don’t move in with him. I’m telling you it won’t be good."

I closed my book and propped my elbows up on the table. “Why wouldn’t it be good?” I tilted my head to the side so I could inquire him more. I really wanted to hear what he had to say.

"Haven’t you heard?"

"Heard what?" I knew what he was talking about.

He sighed. “Okay, just don’t move in with him. I’m telling you serious shit that I’ve seen from my own eyes. Four years straight, I’ve seen it all happened.”

"What have you seen happen?" I wanted to know what he was going to say. I even wondered if he was going to say the same thing that Evelyn said today at school. 

"At least three or four girls went missing over the years. Most of this stuff isn’t just a rumor, Kalliah. It’s true. Those girls haven’t stepped foot in the school or town. He’s done something." He said and crossed his arms. 

I still didn’t believe it. “Whatever.” I grumbled, no longer caring for what Terrence had to say. I refuse to believe anything until I see it with my own two eyes. And it seems as if Terrence and Eve are trying awfully hard to scare me into believing this nonsense, but their devious plan is not going to work.  

I nonchalantly slid my textbook off the glass table that stood in between Terrence and I, thumbing through the pages until I came across chapter twenty-four in the book. And after removing a mechanical pencil from my book bag, I began to work.

I mentally worked out each problem as I scribbled down a few equations on my college-ruled paper. “Who is that?” Terrence’s deep voice intruded into my thoughts. I raised my head and met eyes with Terrence. 

"Who is what?" I questioned. I craned my neck to the right and gazed out the window, but saw no one.

My vision transitioned back over to Terrence, and he seemed as if he was deciding on whether or not he should tell me. He looked as if he was about to give in until he shook his head and said, “Never mind. It’s nothing.” His gaze dropped back onto his notebook. 

Silence fell upon the room, the only audible noise was the sound of Terrence’s pencil led rubbing against his notebook paper. 

"Tell me!" I demanded as I kissed my teeth.

"No," Terrence mumbled. His voice was barely above a whisper, which was a bit surprising since Terrence is usually always loud and obnoxious. Was he seriously hiding something from me? Terrence is never this quiet.

"Tell me!" I whined. My body slumped down and I kicked my feet. I tilted my head to the side. "Please, tell me!" I repeated for the third time. It was killing me. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a very nosey person…It’s almost like I have to know everything.

He brought himself to his feet, and I mimicked his actions. “Fine.” He gave in. “Just a few minutes ago, there was a red car sitting in front of your house. I expected it to drive away, but it just sat there for the longest time.”

I walked over to the window and pushed the curtains aside. “What car? I don’t see a — Wait, did you say a red car?” I inquired, putting emphases on the word ‘red’.

Terrence nodded yes. “Mhm.”

"I saw that car, too. For a split moment, I thought it was Craig’s car, but I doubt it." I shrugged my shoulders. 

Instead of responding, Terrence made his way to the front door. And after unlocking it, he swung it open. “Craig?” I blurted. 

"Hey guys!" Craig greeted with a fake smile. His backpack was slung over his shoulder and he was cradling his textbooks in his arm. He had also changed out of his school clothes and into a pair of black basketball shorts and a plain white shirt. And to my surprise, he was not wearing sunglasses.

Terrence remained quiet while I face palmed myself. I smeared my hands all over my face as I muffled, “Craig. What are you doing here?”

"I’m here for our study date." His smilefaded for a few moments, then soon transitioned into a trademark smirk.

I rolled my eyes. “Craig, lea—”

Terrence interrupted me. “No, stay.” He smiled sadistically, stepping aside so Craig could come in. I gave Terrence a glare of contempt, what is he thinking?


Terrence and Craig both took their seats on opposite sides of the living room, but as Kalliah made her way back to her seat next to the glass table, Terrence grabbed ahold of her waist and pulled her onto his lap…only to make Craig mad, of course. 

Craig flared his nostrils as he cut his eyes at Terrence. He was fully aware of what he was trying to do.

Kalliah shifted awkwardly in Terrence’s lap, but to be honest, she actually enjoyed sitting there, but she did not want Craig to know that. And Craig was expecting his girlfriend to wiggle out of Terrence’s grip and saunter over to him, but Kalliah did not budge.  

"Um…" An awkward silence crept around them. "Are y’all thirsty? You are? I’ll go get some drinks." Kalliah rushed out of the room, releasing a sigh of relief after she made it into the kitchen.

Craig and Terrence sat in silence until Craig blurted out, “Stay away from Kalliah and never speak to her again.”

Terrence chortled. “Ooo, I’m so sc—” 

Craig stood up and made his way over to where Terrence was seated. Craig grabbed ahold of his arms and sinked his nails into it. He spoke through clenched teeth, his eyes turning a piercing red color. ”Stay away from Kalliah.” He sunk his nails in deeper, causing Terrence to scream in pain. Craig covered his mouth with his hand. “She’s mine.” He added.

Craig released Terrence’s arm as he gave him a sinister smile and watched drips of blood ooze out of the cut that was now on his left arm. 

Terrence winced in pain. “If I ever catch you with Kalliah again, I’ll make your death look like an accident.” Craig sneered before walking back to his seat. 

After a few minutes, Kalliah ambled back into the living room with three cans of sprite in her hands, but before she could even hand out the refreshments, Terrence was already running out the door. 

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For those who don’t know, I have a story on Wattpad titled Insanity… And I’ll also be posting it on here for Tumblr TM to read. But don’t worry, I’ll still be posting my Imagines! 

- Keke